The Wrestling Top 25: Positions 20-16 – Part 1

The Amateur Hour continues it’s rundown of the top 25 wrestlers of all time. It’s Steven O’Connor’s turn to  give us his personal list of wrestlers in the 20-16 positions.

16. Owen Hart

The King of Harts. Owen was one of the few who in my opinion had it all. He was technically gifted, sharp on the mic, entertaining and he was a heel that you just loved to hate. He played the crybaby better than anyone has ever done but he could sure back it up when it mattered. His feud with his brother Bret should go down in history as one of the greatest of all time and their epic match at Wrestlemania 10 is in my opinion possibly the greatest technical wrestling match of all time. Owens death in 1999 was tragic and the fact that generations to come may never get to see the true genius that is Owen Hart is another tragedy. Owen deserves his place among the greats and maybe one day the parties involved will allow him to get there one day.

17. Edge 

The Rated-R Superstar! I liked him from the moment his mysterious promos first started to show on Raw and we started to see this strange character watching from the crowds. He was awesome. It was clear that he had talent and he lived and breathed wrestling and would do anything to make it to the top. He was the ‘ultimate opportunist’. Former a tag team with his best friend Christian the WWE audience would be in for a treat. These guys were entertainment at its best.  As with any great tag team, it has to end. Edge went on to a sensational singles career, starting controversially with his manager Lita. Let’s not forget the awesome entrance theme by Alter Bridge. Sadly a re-occurring neck injury has put an abrupt end to his career but I look back fondly on the time that we got from Edge. From the young boy who attended Wrestlemania 6 to the champion who headlined several Wrestlmanias we witnessed an incredible career.

18. Eddie Guerrero

Damn I miss Eddie Guerrero. The man was seriously entertaining and funny, he played a great heel and boy could he wrestle. Mexican-Born and growing up around a legendary wrestling family it was inevitable that Eddie would ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal’ his was into our hearts and into history. Eddie had a great career covering Mexico, Japan, ECW, WCW and WWE and so many great rivalries with the like of Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and so many more. Eddie was taken from us far too early and truly deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame.

19. Terry Funk

I wouldn’t fight this ‘old man’. He is quite simply one of the toughest men to ever step into the squared-circle. His brutal matches all over the world with Mick Foley are legend as both men wrestled in matches involving thumbtacks, barb-wire, explosives, steel chairs and pretty much anything you can think of. Age was never an obstacle for Terry as he continued to brutalise opponents well into his 60s. Terry still makes occasional appearances throughout the independent circuit and has done a great job in carrying on his family name. Terry also ventured into acting and can be seen in some great movies, like Over The Top, alongside his good friend Sylvester Stallone. Do yourself a favour and check out a movie called Paradise Alley, a wrestling movie starring Stallone and Funk.

20. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Is Jake the best talker in the history of the business? I think so. Jake could get into his opponents head like no other and he was always a constant threat, with his little pet in his corner. Throughout his time in the WWF he never held a titlebut he didn’t need one, he was as over with the fans as some of the biggest names in the company. Who could forget when he set his cobra on Macho Man Randy Savage on a 1991 episode of ‘Superstars’?  Let me tell you, as a kid watching a cobra savagely gnawing on a man’s arm on Saturday morning TV, that left a lasting impression. After leaving the WWF in 1992, Jake spent some time in WCW and has encountered personal demons throughout his life involving drugs and a rocky relationship with his family. I hope that one day Jake can finally land in the right path and maybe one day we will one day see The Snake in his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.

Want to chat to Steven on Twitter? Follow him at @St3ven91 and feel free to talk anytime.
Look out for our continued coverage of the 25 top wrestlers of all time in the upcoming weeks.

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