The Wrestling Top 25: Positions 25-21 – Part 2

The Amateur Hour continues it’s rundown of the top 25 wrestlers of all time. It’s Michael Chapman’s turn to  give us his personal list of wrestlers in the 25-21 positions.

25. Bryan Danielson

Yes, the original ‘Best In The World’ is 25 on my list; By the time Daniel Bryan’s career is over he will probably be much, much higher on my list. For now though he at least deserves a spot. Trained by both Steven Regal and Shawn Michaels, he can wrestle virtually any style and be the best in the ring at that moment and time. Doubts over his “marketability” have been easily brushed away, even as he attempted to turn heel most recently, the fans simply love him too much.

24. C.M. Punk 

Similar to Danielson the only reason Punk is this low on my list is his career is as to yet incomplete. The recently self-proclaimed Best In The World is arguably just that, at least currently. Punk has charisma in bucket loads and whether you love him or hate him it’s the right kind of heat. You don’t hate him because he’s boring, you hate him because he is that damn good.

23. Hulk Hogan 

Some may criticize my choice of placing Mr. Bollea this low on my list. In my opinion Hulk only meets two of the five criteria that make a wrestler great. He certainly has charisma outside of the ring and also in the ring. But he cannot wrestle, never could. He has never demonstrated any technical proficiency and certainly is never willing to make someone else look good in the ring at the expense of him self.

22. Kerry Von Erich 

The sad story of the Von Erich family is the stuff of legend amongst wrestling fans. But The Texas Tornado is not on my list out of sympathy. Despite Kerry’s lack of skill on the mic he was the big dog in an equally big territory in Texas. He had the look, the in ring charisma, and a solid enough move set in the ring to earn his spot on my list.

21. Steve Regal 

AKA William Regal, Lord Steven Regal, or King William Regal, call him what you will but the pride of Blackpool, England definitely belongs on anyone’s list of the top 25 wrestlers of the modern era. It could be argued that Regal has single handedly created a new generation of fans of the British or continental style of Pro Wrestling, which is decidedly different than what most American fans grew up watching. Regal also has a distinct style on the mic, which has gotten him over with a larger percentage of fans then you would at first think.

You can follow Michael on Twitter @NUFC_monkey as he discusses Wrestling, Football and the importance of growing a beard.

Look out for our continued coverage of the 25 top wrestlers of all time in the upcoming weeks.


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