The Wrestling Top 25: Positions 25-21 – Part 3

The Amateur Hour continues it’s rundown of the top 25 wrestlers of all time. It’s Chris Gallagher’s turn to  give us his personal list of wrestlers in the 25-21 positions.

25. Bryan Danielson

The American Dragon has made more of an impact in the big league than we could ever have hoped. A former World Heavyweight champion, his current tag team reign with Kane has been one of the highlight of the last few months. The chemistry with the Big Red Machine is unparalleled with any other tag team of recent times and I look forward to their feud with the Rhode Scholars. Over all, Danielson has transferred from the indys to the WWE with relative ease. Technically superior to any other wrestler in the world today, his in ring ability is matched by an unlikeable sense of superiority on the mic. The definition of a wrestler.

24. Mick Foley

When the Nature Boy described Mick Foley as a glorified stunt man, he did him a great disservice. Foley is a guy who makes the average man feel great about the shape of their body. The hardcore legend never looked capable of joining the wrestling elite by winning the WWE title but he did, three times no less. More than a stuntman, this wrestler put his blood, sweat and tears into the business and retired (hopefully) a legend. Most people will look at his hardcore matches and say he was never a pure breed but in many ways he was. Forever upholding the old school traditions, Foley deserves credit for his wrestling ability as well as his killer promos for all of his different personas. Bang! Bang!

23. Dean Malenko

The Man of 1,000 Holds was a pure unadulterated wrestling machine. When i think wrestler I first and foremost think of Dean Malenko but when I think ‘Sports Entertainment’ I do not. Critics would say that Malenko lacked charisma but I disagree. He expressed himself in the ring and could deviate throughout a host of different divisions with ease. Malenko could put on a diverse style depending on the match, whether he was wrestling Ray Mysterio or Kevin Nash it didn’t matter he could easily adapt. Guys like Malenko and Storm are why I love wrestling, god bless you big fella.

22. CM Punk

Punk his evolved into one of the greatest and most icon wrestlers of the modern era. Can he wrestle? Yes. Can he tell a story? Yes. Is he engaging? Oh god yes. Punk is one of the main reasons I watch the WWE, he has a charisma and style that I would consider very Old School. I don’t have to say much about Punk other than……Best in the World.

21. Andre The Giant

Andre the Giant is one of my most beloved people/characters ever. The big man was truly what made wrestling special to me as a youngster, I mean who doesn’t love seeing a giant? Wrestlemania III versus Hogan has to be one of the most iconic events of all time, as Hogan slams him to the mat I still get goosebumps. As I was getting into wrestling ol Andre was nearing his end and so was not the greatest in the ring but from what I understand he could really go when he was younger. A legend, a rather nice fella and always with a smile on his face. Top man.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @BLF_ChrisGall as he discuss the importance of being a gentleman.

Look out for our continued coverage of the 25 top wrestlers of all time in the upcoming weeks.


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