Film & Television

Star Wars Episode IV: An Alternate Take

By Steven O’Connor

The entire world by now knows, or should know, the legend of Star Wars. In 1977, George Lucas would bring to life a universe that was beyond our wildest imagination and would tell a classic tale of good vs. evil in a way that the world had never seen. Young Luke Skywalker would join forces with the rebel alliance to do battle with the Empire led by the evil Darth Vader, one of the most imposing and intimidating bad guys in movie history.

Little is known about Darth Vader in the first Star Wars movie, except that he is more of a machine than a man, a ruthless cyborg. He is clad all in black as evil villains probably should be. He dons a black cape and a black helmet to cover up his face with no indication as to why and we are simply left to guess, adding to the mystique. He also needs machinery to help him breathe; the sound of the breathing was enough to send chills down everyone’s spines. Overall he is a commanding presence and seems to have no problem with killing anyone who gets in his way.

Probably the most famous aspect of Darth Vader would be his voice, which was provided by legendary actor James Earl Jones, although this was not the original plan. Can you imagine how different things would have been if it wasn’t James Earl Jones who was selected as the voice for the evil dark lord? Who could it have been? I’m sure there were many possibilities.

Here we have footage of one possibility, none other than ‘The Governor’ himself. Who better to be a commanding and powerful bad guy and strike fear into the hearts of the rebels? Just imagine Darth Vader lighting up a victory cigar after killing Obi-Wan Kenobi, this may have been better than the movie they ended up making.

Something tells me that the galaxy far, far away would have been an entirely different place with….

Darth Schwarzenegger

You can follow Steven on twitter @st3ven91 as he discusses wrestling, The American Office and his obsession with the Chicago Bulls.


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