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Autumn Watch

By Pamela Gray

You’re probably already eagerly anticipating the return of all the best shows on TV. This autumn even the infamous Dallas will be gracing our screens with a return and i must say after seeing the first episode I’m looking forward to being transported into their world of greed, backstabbing and beautiful people. As they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming and one good thing about winter, better TV shows.

So here’s a run down of the ones I’m looking forward to. Minor spoilers ahead. UK air dates haven’t been confirmed for some of these, but we’re expecting all of them to be shown around October time.

Fringe Season 5

I’ve been hooked on fringe since the beginning and can’t wait for the 5th and final series. It’s rumoured that the series will be based on a world run by the Observers and that the Fringe team who have been frozen in amber will be set free to save the planet. We were given a sneak preview into the future last season and I’m looking forward to them expanding on it this time around. Cue Teaser Trailer!

If I’m being honest I was a little bit disappointed in season 4 so let’s hope this season returns to its roots with Walter providing the laughs and a resolution to the long running will they won’t they of Peter and Olivia. Can Fringe go out with a bang? Can Walter save the planet one last time? Can any Fringe episode live up to that 80s episode?

Catch it on Sky 1 on Wednesdays. Estimated start date 3rd October.

American Horror Story Season 2

I think when people heard this show was being brought to us by the makers of Glee lots of us thought we might give this one a miss for fear of it breaking into song every 5 minutes. Well a lot of us had to eat our words, this show turned out to be a spooky tension inducing thriller that couldn’t be further from the über cheesy Glee. If you’ve not yet seen Season 1 it’s a must watch, every episode had me glued to my TV and waiting with bated breath for the following week. Based on the story of the Harman family who move into a haunted house, it delves into the stories of those who haunt it as well as the hidden secrets within the family. The series has had lots of recognition within the industry including 17 Emmy nominations and Jessica Lange has been praised for her role in the show with some saying it is one of her best performances to date.

The second season sees the show move location to an asylum with fresh characters and storylines expected. I’m sure this clip will have fans of the show in a spin waiting for it’s return.

American Horror Story will be returning to FX on Tuesday 30th October at 10pm

Boardwalk Empire Season 3

The visually beautiful Boardwalk Empire has kept us interested for the first two seasons, but it’s not a fast paced show. At times it can feel a bit samey, although it’s trick is that it gradually builds the story to give an explosive last few episodes. Its strength lies in its costumes and the way the show manages to make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the prohibition era.

Spoiler if you’ve not seen Season 2

We leave Season 2 with Nucky regaining his place at the helm of the bootlegging business in Atlanta after killing his once protégée Jimmy. Although Nucky now has new enemies to go to war with including Al Capone who was introduced to us in previous episodes. In Season 2 we also got a glimpse into Margaret’s mysterious past and I’m expecting that they’ll develop this further in season 3.

This clip doesn’t give much away, but really shows off how stunning this show looks. It’s HD-tastic.

Boardwalk Empire will start on Sky Atlantic on Saturday 29th September at 9pm.

The Walking Dead Season 3

Now “I love” The Walking Dead, but I’m not “in love with it”. Season 1 totally blew me away, but I didn’t think the producers put as much thought and effort into Season 2. They dragged out the missing girl story to the point that all the audience had almost turned into zombies by the time they confirmed what we all already knew.

That being said, I am still extremely excited about Season 3 (although that might be because I’ve got no other hobbies). The new season will be set in a prison with fans of the comic looking forward to the introduction of The Governor and Michonne who should add an interesting slant. The trailer has some spoilers so be warned!

See The Walking Dead on Friday 19th October on FX.

Homeland Season 2

Sex, affairs, terrorism, stalking, CIA, who dunnit, mystery, psychotic behaviour. What more could you want? The opening season of Homeland had us hooked. It was the usual CIA who will save the world story, but with plenty of twists along the way.

Season 2 is expected to take a jump forward and we see Sargent Brody taking up his position in political office. It seems that it will continue to explore whether or not Sargent Brody has really turned from American hero into a dangerous terrorist. Although, we have been promised by the producers that we will be introduced to new characters in Season 2 so who knows where this exciting show will take us.

No set date yet for Homeland, but Channel 4 are expected to show it some time in October.

Happy watching, don’t sit too close to the TV, although with all this exciting stuff to look forward to it will be hard not to.

You can follow Pamela on twitter @P_Town_Gray discussing weddings, TV shows and her love for the Goonies


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