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A trip down memoy lane; My Favourite Cartoon of All Time

By Pamela Gray
I’d like to introduce y’all to the Mysterious Cities of Gold, my favourite cartoon of all time. (also with the best intro btw).
Educational without the yawn factor, it tells the story of Esteban’s advent

ures as he lands in South America with the Conquistadors in search of the lost cities of gold.

Originally a French/ Japaneese production back in the 80’s, this pinnacle of cartoon mastery is set to be revived with Three new seasons of 26 episodes each, which is confirmed and in production.

I’ve got fond memories of sitting in my granddads, him with a whiskey and me with chips and a Jammy dodger planning my move to get control of the tv in time to ditch countdown for this masterpiece of a show. Ah memories!
I’ve not told you much about the cartoon, but the clip speaks for itself, enjoy!

Ps if you don’t remember this cartoon you were a deprived child.

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2 thoughts on “A trip down memoy lane; My Favourite Cartoon of All Time

  1. I remember being frightened and confused by this show (when I was a wee nipper and forced to watch it at school I hasten to add).

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