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You stay classy… Jesus Christ!

By Steven O’Connor

It was a day that will go down in history as they day when the two most powerful people in the world would meet, Satan himself would even take the night off from his various evil deeds to sit back and watch.

Ron Burgundy, Emmy award winning Anchorman for KVWM Channel 4 news team in San Diego (actually its pronounced San Di-A-go) would conduct the interview of his life with the one and only… Jesus Christ. I know what you are all thinking, only Ron Burgundy could pull off something this huge, and you would be right – he’s kind of a big deal.

Actually, it wasn’t Jesus Christ but none other than actor Jim Caviezal. Or was it? Jim Caviezal – JC – right, we get it. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us, Oh Lord.

Legendary local anchor Ron Burgany gives the interview of a lifetime and asks the questions that have been on everyone’s lips for thousands of years. Surely at one time or another you have wondered if Jesus ever uses his ‘Jesus-powers’ to fight crime, or to win at Blackjack. I know you are all dying to know.

Can Jim Caviezal hide his true identity? Ron Burgundy promised the world an interview with Christ and he wasn’t prepared to leave until he got it.

All will be revealed in the interview you thought you would never see….

You can follow Steven on twitter @st3ven91 as he discusses wrestling, The American Office and his obsession with the Chicago Bulls.


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