What Is This Amateur Hour? Calm Down Ian…….

Euan McGuffie mentions the Stone Roses first TV performance, you should listen.

”Amateurs! Amateurs!” shouts Ian Brown, on The Stone Roses first ever appearance on UK TV. We’re all amateurs in a way Ian, except the professionals that is. Presenter Tracey MacLeod looks like she wants to give the young ruffian a clip round the ear. And on hearing of the Roses reunion over 20 years later Tracey tweeted:

“Just heard the Stone Roses are reforming. Great. Maybe by now they’ll have learned how to work the volume control in a TV studio. Amateurs!”.

An amateur will never learn, Tracey…

You can follow Euan on Twitter @CptPopTrance as he discusses Alloa Athletic, Music and the pointlessness of humanity…..also Cider.


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