The Top 10 Radiohead Albums of all time

By Mark Edwards

Radiohead are my favourite band in the world and of all time. I remember seeing them back when they were called the Jennifers, they also attended Cambridge university where I scored top marks in my brain surgery degree. While I used to heckle, ridicule and hate them back in those days, I’ve mellowed out in my older years and have grown to love and respect them, to a degree that surpasses most Jane Austin fans.

Now, I’ve  been watching a lot of The Newsroom lately, and while I hate every single person on that show, I do like the themes. So I will be presenting a factual assessment of these albums, I’m going to show the good and the bad of each album: The Facts. I’m here to educate and I’ll leave the decision making up to you, the viewer.

 10. Pablo Honey


Only has 1 decent track to listen to, so it’s a great album to listen to if you are in a rush.


It’s far too old and the artwork is awful. A baby’s head in a flower, I keep envisioning a bee coming along, the baby crying and I get upset.

9. The Bends


This was a popular album at the time it was released.


Has quickly became out-dated now that people have stopped playing guitars. It has an old fashioned sound, best left for retro night clubs and people in their late 30’s.

8.OK Computer


Sounds like a really good album…


To the well-educated music aficionado, you can clearly hear that they have ripped off Coldplay.

9.Hail to the Thief


The title celebrates stealing, and being Australian I can identify with this.


I just feel that this album has too many songs on it, hence it’s down fall. Less is more. If it had say 9 songs, and they were better than the songs on the album, it could have topped the list.

 8. I Might be Wrong


Firstly, yes you are. This album is a great drinks coaster because it comes in a cardboard cover.


The recording of this album is terrible, not the clean sound I expect from Radiohead. I don’t know what happened, a really cheap studio was probably used.

7. Best Of Radiohead


This album has many brilliant songs on it.


My main criticism is that many of the songs are stolen from other Radiohead albums.

 6. In Rainbows


This great album gets better when listened to with the “2nd” disc that follows on from where the 1st 10 songs end.


The combination of the 2 discs wasn’t called “In Double Rainbows”. I feel there was a missed marketing opportunity to target a key market segment of You Tube watching morons.

5. Amnesiac


I’ve not listened to this one, and have found that not many people have. It never comes up in a Radiohead discussion, so there are no awkward moments. To be honest I’m not even sure it was officially released.


Confusing album title

4. Meddle


Doesn’t sound like a typical Radiohead album. Tom Yorke synthesizes his voice too much.


Echoes is absolutely brilliant, it reinvents music and sh*ts all  over old school bands like Deerhunter and the Arcade Fire.

3. The King of Limbs


Should be called the Queen of Limbs, because women rule and don’t give up the power in England. They grow stronger with age and devour your soul.


Not many Radiohead fans like this album, so if you say you do, you sound pretty damn cool.

2. Kid A


The songs are terrible and unlistenable.


The songs “sound” great. If you play the album in a room next door to the room you are in, the low fi, muffled noise is brilliant. When you are not conscience of the music the “sound” is brilliant.

1.The Eraser


Thom Yorke ditched the other members to make an album. That’s not a nice thing to do, what ever happened to team work?



Thom ditches the other dull and redundant members of Radiohead, these people have been dragging him down for years. Let’s deep dive into this:

Phil: The meathead drummer with suicidal tendencies.

1) You are a Drummer: Big deal pal.

2) Grow some hair Sinead O’Connor. It’s it time we divorced ourselves from these macho man “beat your wife” motherfucking arseholes. Thom has made it clear – Get lost!

Johnny Greenwood: Wow what a great song, I’m really enjoying this! Holy shit. Has hell just descended upon us? No. Johnny Greenwood has pulled out some fucking annoying instrument and is destroying a great song by playing over it again. Thanks Johnny, go score a film.

Other Greenwood: Whatever you do, nobody cares.

Ed O’Brian: You whiney droll bitch, how dare you ruin the positive atmosphere of Tommy’s great songs with your terrible backing vocals. Shut your mouth, shut your hands and shut the bank account that receives your royalty checks: You don’t deserve them!

Nigel Godrich: You may have produced this, but you also produce Travis albums. So go to buggery!

So anyway, that’s enough analysing and typing for now. I’m going to sit back and relax, and listen to my favourite band, the greatest band: R A D I O H E A D.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @themarkedwards as he discusses Religion, alternative uses for Styrofoam cups and Tim Cahil.


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