Blow It Up Dixie

By Michael Chapman

For what seems like a decade (but is more like two years) Bruce Pritchard, Dave Lagana, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and friends have done their “best” to mould TNA, iMPACT!, Impact Wrestling or what ever it is called this month, into a wrestling promotion that can provide competition for WWE.

It is time now for someone to take Dixie Carter aside and gently, politely tell her their experiment is over. She has poured untold millions into contracts for free agent veterans, revamped production teams, an expanded touring schedule. What has this gotten TNA? No meaningful improvement in ratings or in pay per view buys.

Recent “improvement” in Impact’s quality, an argument many are trying to make, is being chalked up to the performance of Austin Aries. While Aries being “given the ball” is nice, I am not one hundred percent sold on his ability to carry a national company. Unlike, say, A.J. Styles who carried TNA to moderate success for years.

Worse yet TNA cannot seem to figure out how best to use some costly veterans like Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam. Whom TNA clearly expected to have a greater iMPACT! (see what I did there?) on their over all ratings.

Even still, one man does not a show make, especially when the rest of the show’s content is full of ludicrous, or worse, stale story lines.

The absurdist nightmare that was A.J. and Dixie’s top secret affair, turned into an even crazier drug-addicted prostitute reclamation project. Which has now been revealed to be A.J.’s baby mama drama, and is certainly headed for The Fallen Angel’s plan to drug, take compromising pictures, and destroy Style’s career.

Also, a group of masked bikers has infiltrated the iMPACT! Zone and seem hell bent on beating down every big name hero in TNA, be it Sting, Hogan or Kurt Angle. Now, before it’s mentioned, I am all for suspending disbelief. *This is pro wrestling after all* But three weeks in a row this group of hooligans just waltzes in and no arrests? No brawls with the rest of contracted TNA talent? Sorry, this angle has been done too many times.

Now word that Chavo Guerrero has signed with TNA. While I am pretty sure he doesn’t cost as much as some, the idea that said money could have been better spent on someone with a much bigger upside does make itself obvious. Maybe a guy that TNA loyalists are familiar with, have already invested their time and money in, and are ready to believe is a real challenger for the heavyweight title? A guy like Matt Morgan perhaps.

An opportunity to turn things around by aligning Morgan, Samoa Joe, Magnus, AJ and Aries against the Aces and Eights faction seems obvious. Instead we get tag team indy wrestlers being pushed as a singles star, veterans on their last run and no-name MMA fighters.

Time to blow it up, Dixie.

You can follow Michael on Twitter @NUFC_monkey as he discusses Wrestling, Football and the importance of growing a beard.


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