The Monday Night War – An Alternative Approach


By Steven O’Connor

The Monday Night Wars gave wrestling fans a Smörgåsbord of thrilling entertainment that shocked and titillated on a weekly basis. WWF and WCW’s continuing strive to outdo each other meant that lines were crossed as well as opportunities missed.

Steven O’Connor looks at the MNW and gives his alternative view on some of the major story lines and events.

DX invade WCW for Real

Eric Bischoff should have let DX into the WCW building. Triple H and Co going in would have made people switch over to WCW right then and  there. It was a risk exposing your audience to your rivals biggest draw, it may have led to the audience thinking, ‘We must watch WWF every week now’.  It most probably would have gone WCWs way though.

Personally, I’d have taken the chance. Bischoff might even have got his match against McMahon  or even a protracted angle that he wanted so much.

Bad move Eric.

Bret Hart booked better

They had the hottest angle in wrestling history and did NOTHING with it! I honestly think Bret Hart still had respect for WWF and enough integrity to not do some kind of ‘invasion’ angle.

The British Bulldog had left, Jim Neidhart was fired and Bischoff tried to get Owen Hart, with the WWF unwilling to let him out of his contract. How awesome would it have been to have a Hart foundation in WCW ?

The Montreal Screw Job happened on 9th November 1997 and Bret Hart made his WCW debut in 15th December 1997, a full five weeks later.

A final Hart Foundation run

This would have made NO difference to anything whatsoever, just a personal thing that would have been cool. Bret and Anvil being given one more tag title run, even if it was just a short one, would have been great.

The Hart’s had a  feud  with the LOD resulting in Animal making a comment about LOD being the greatest tag team in WWF history. Bret responded by putting his arm round Anvil and saying,

THIS right here is the greatest tag team in WWF history!’ (which is true!!)

I’d have given them one more go at it.

Less Personalised Story lines

The WWE shouldn’t have allowed story lines to get too personal. Some of them were too much, especially the Dustin and Terri Runnels’ marriage break down as well as the story line with Hawk’s alcoholism.

I honestly dont know why the LOD put up with such a garbage and exploitative angle. Vince seems to love that kind of stuff though and as we know he at one point wanted to do an ‘affair’ angle with his own daughter. Creepy stuff.

WWE Partnership with ECW

If I was in Vince’s shoes I would have tried to form a partnership with ECW. They had their little deal where Vince let them get exposure on Raw (God only knows why he did that!) but I would have gone the whole hog and tried to combine the two, rather than ECW be its own promotion.

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